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Employment in the Massachusetts biotech industry is expected to grow by about 17 percent in the five years ending May 2022, according to a recent forecast by MassBioEd. Where will these new workers come from? Will they have the experience they need to immediately contribute to our expanding industry?

Project Onramp is one way that Massachusetts life sciences companies can ensure they can tap a local source of experienced talent as they advance their pipelines and mature.

We offer internships in hard science and in business disciplines, including marketing, communications, HR and administration. Offering Project Onramp internships is an investment in your company’s future. Plus, financial support from the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center can subsidize each intern’s salary up to $8,200 per summer, for companies of fewer than 100 employees.

Learn more about Project Onramp and how our carefully screened and curated applicants help your firm grow now and in the future. Contact Program Coordinator Lila Neel:

Project Onramp is ready to break down barriers and speed our students to success—while helping our member companies build our statewide labor pool, boost diversity, and prevent possible labor shortages.

Come be a part of our winning team!

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