Now Enrolling Companies for Project Onramp San Diego, Summer 2024

If you are committed to creating a more diverse pipeline of San Diego students exploring careers at your company, please contact us here.

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Project Onramp creates access to paid summer internships for San Diego college students who are under-resourced and often from under-represented groups or first-generation – helping to bridge the opportunity gap for these promising young people.

There is no fee associated with being part of Project Onramp, but we do ask that you pay students a minimum of $20/hr. for summer 2024.

You can set aside an established internship for Onramp candidates to interview for, or create a new position for Onramp to fill. Internships are not limited to STEM-related roles—we can match you with talented candidates with interest in business development, administration, HR, finance, IT, marketing, etc. We will send you several resumes for each internship position, and you will use your existing review and hiring processes to choose the student who best fits your needs.

If you would like a diverse group of local students exploring careers at your company, please consider taking a Project Onramp summer intern. Contact Azareel Canizales, at to discuss.

Project Onramp is an initiative of Life Science Cares San Diego

Project Onramp is ready to break down barriers and speed students from low-income backgrounds to success—while helping our member companies build the statewide labor pool and boost diversity.

Commit to diversifying your internship talent pipeline!

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